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Sep 17, 2018

"CBD is oil for the tin man,"  football great Marvin Washington said.

Watch Cultivate’s interview with Washington, who is a Super Bowl® XXXII champion, former NFL® player and cannabis advocate.

Medical cannabis support is growing, particularly in the athletic community. Washington is blazing trails in cannabinoid-based therapies for pros, patients and aging baby boomer.

Hosted by: Boveda’s Drew Emmer and Scott Swail

- What percent of people know about medicinal value of CBD and THC? (1:20)
- How CBD oil can help athletes (2:11)
- Athletes for Care is an organization
of retired professional athletes raising awareness for medical cannabis and cannabinoids (3:45)
- Learn about professional football denying therapeutic-use exemption for cannabis for chronic pain (5:58)
- How CBD can ease pain for active adults: CBD isn’t addictive. CBD doesn’t get you high. (7:50)
- CBD is both an anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory (8:35)
- Washington is on the management team of Montel Williams's CBD company Lenitiv™ (10:26)
- How the NFL is working with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) to create a cannabis program in that could impact the NBA®, MLB®, NHL®. (11:30)
- How soon can the players union vote on the cannabis topic in collective bargaining? (12:36)
- CTEs and opiate addiction from chronic pain are two main conditions driving NFL players need for medical cannabis (13:15)
- Why was cannabis labeled a ”Schedule I drug?” (15:04)
- Learn about class-action lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice to remove cannabis from Schedule I list (16:14)
- When will the United States legalize cannabis for adult-use? (19:17)
- What are the benefits of “Big Tobacco” and “Big Pharma” entering the cannabis space? (21:28)
- What cannabis products does Marvin Washington use daily? Isodiol® and AXIM® Biotechnologies Inc.'s
controlled-release cannabidiol (CBD) chewing gum (24:22)
- Medicinal miracles can happen with CBD (30:38)

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